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I'd been having really unpleasant digestive symptoms for the past 6 months. Summarized without too much detail, it's been half a year of nearly non stop diarrhea/ loose stool. It's not resposive tochages in diet, or over the counter medication. The only reason I've been able to function at all, is a prescription strength anti-diarrheal pill. My PCP ran tests for parasites and bacterial infections, which turned up negative. So I finally went to a specialist who recommeded a colonoscopy. Which was yesterday.

The good news is that the pictures didn't show anything awful, which is also the bad news because I am now going to have to deal with more tests. That said, I did learn something pretty interesting about myself.
When I was diagnosed with ADHD five years ago, I went though a bunch of different mediactions to see what would work to manage my symptoms. I tried everythign from Ritalin to the fancy non-stimulant types, and the only thing that would work was generaic ass Adderal IR (immediate release).

Back then, my provider told me that my brain chemistry could possibly settle down in a few years and I could go on the extended release version of the medication. This would of course be very welcome because frankly, I'd rather take 1 pill, once a day, instead of .5 of a pill, 3x a day. Well, with the colonoscopy happening, I tried Adderall XR, and let me tell you it's still the same. I've been unable to concentrate, jittery as hell and crving nicotine for the first time in a year. It's having the exact opposite effect of what the immediate release version does. It's taken me nearly 2 hours to get this entry drafted up, which is a pretty clear illustration that the XR aint working.

So, while my guts are in full rebellion stiil, at leats my brain chemistry has settled into a reliably stable state?
Yay me.

Oh, and I've starte dmy own practice, but that's a different story for a different day.


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