Jul. 11th, 2014

Its over

Jul. 11th, 2014 09:16 am
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Dill is gone.
He passed at around sunrise on Wednesday.
Our sweet boy hung on until we went to sleep at around 2 in the morning, and I found his body about a foot away from our bed and I got up at 6.
He was still warm. His body was normal temperature and pliable, but he was clearly not breathing.

We are both devastated.
When I was writing my previous entry, he was saying his goodbyes.

After he came back from the vet on Monday, Dill spent time in all of his favorite spots. He was starting to refuse food, and growing weaker, but he found the strength to growl at Fuzz for getting handsy, to eat some of his fvorite junk food treats and to cuddle with us and purr.

He gave Rodger one last night of falling asleep cuddled up with Dill under the cover. We both got our beard groomed one last time. I got to bury my nose in his fur and breathe the corn chip smell of him while he purred with all of his strenth. Dill had the deepest, loudest purr of any cat I've ever known. He purred so deep, and so loud that he vibrated with it.

On Tuesday he couldn't purr anymore. He had no strength to eat, or to lift his head for a drink of water. It was the end, we knew, and we scheduled a vet to come to our place on Wednesday evening to ease him over the Rainbow Bridge.

And as usual, Dill beat us to the punch. He was always getting off our laps just a split second before we were ready to let him off. He spared us the euthanasia process, but we weren't ready. I don't think we ever could have been. He was only 5.


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